About me

Transforming Overcoming Communicate

My manly reflections on life as autistic.

Hello, welcome to my place on the internet. Here I write about my thoughts, what I’m currently doing, and my interests.

The troll in me comes from having a diagnosis of high-functioning autism, understanding the world in a different way than others. My Autism blog helps me, who received the autism diagnosis at 41 years old, to try to understand myself and my surroundings from a different perspective.

I will write about my thoughts and reflections that arise in my everyday life. I started writing down my thoughts after a meeting with healthcare when I realized I couldn’t explain how I feel or what the problem is. But maybe I can write about what’s happening and how it makes me feel so I can show it to those who wonder. I still don’t know what problems and needs I have in everyday life, but I can identify that things happen that don’t turn out quite as I thought.

If you follow me further on my blogging journey, you might also get to know me as a person and see what interests I have and what I’m doing at the moment. That was the idea I had when I started my “Video Project.” I wanted to create short films about my interests, but in a calm and peaceful way for me. A few minutes of your time to show what I’ve done during a day or two.

I don’t really wish for more from you as a reader, just a few minutes of your time and your thoughts. Feel free to share what you’re thinking in the comments so maybe we can share the burden of thoughts

If you want to know more about my blogging journey read my post about how I started blogging https://autisticweekly.com/bridging-gaps-my-autistic-perspective-in-the-blogosphere/

I have tried to explain how it is to realize that you are a terrible person as i am… https://autisticweekly.com/the-real-me-navigating-life-with-an-unfiltered-personality/ . And I have written about me as a cyber troll https://autisticweekly.com/autism-unveiled-being-a-genuine-cyber-troll/.

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