Details Matter: The Unique Skillset of Autism Trolls

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Ever wondered about the positive side of having autism? A question I’ve pondered for years. Let me take you on a humorous journey through the unique skillset of autism trolls, where determination, quirky observations, and a versatile superpower reign supreme.

If it ain’t broke.. just fix it anyway…

Unique Skillset of Autism: Relentless Determination

The troll in me is stubborn as they come. I don’t throw in the towel when something goes awry; instead, I give it another shot, and then another. After facing enough failures, my brain goes into overdrive, seeking alternative solutions. Perhaps that’s why I find myself doing things I wouldn’t normally dare, like disassembling the earth tiller down to its tiniest bits or dismantling my son’s PlayStation when it’s acting up.

I have zero clue about the internal workings, except knowing something is off, yet determined to fix it. Most times, I manage to piece things back together, functioning as intended. Of course, there are moments when frustration lingers because, well, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as I’d like.

Maybe you notice details to?

Unique Skillset of Autism: The Quirky Eye

The troll is good at noticing small things that others miss. This can be tough when you say things without thinking, like suddenly telling your friend their new Volvo isn’t good because it’s too small inside. People don’t always like it when you’re that honest about their new car. But sometimes, paying attention to these little details can be useful.

Back in my days as a B2B salesperson, it was my standout quality. I often spotted areas for improvement with my clients and made sure to convey it. An appreciated skill that opened doors for me, unrivaled by any salesperson before me. Having an eye for details also came in handy during my stints in production, where a tiny detail could either save or earn a company a small fortune. In personal life, one tends to be ‘home-blind,’ but details like a broken plastic piece in the dishwasher might be worth sharing with the family, given they probably missed it.

Unique Skillset of Autism: Mastering Special Interests

My autism is, just like everyone else’s autism, entirely unique. I’ve got these occasional superhero moments, you know? I’m quick-witted and a logical thinker, armed with the power to solve problems that leave others scratching their heads. Now, let’s talk about my special interests – unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m not a one-interest wonder. I’m all over the place, like a hyperactive squirrel on caffeine. That’s probably why I’ve never quite found the time to become an expert in any one area; I’m too busy stumbling upon new and exciting things that catch my fancy.

It’s like my brain has a compass that points in all directions at once, saying, ‘Explore everything, never settle, and definitely never be an expert at just one thing!’ So, here I am, the Jack (or Jill) of all trades, master of none – the ADHD version of a Renaissance person.

Many trolls wield unique superpowers, and perhaps the crème de la crème is their innate ability to acquire special interests. When a troll directs its energy towards something, it becomes an all-knowing expert in that field. Sometimes it’s rocks and mineral formations, transforming the troll into an incredibly knowledgeable geological engineer. On other occasions, the troll might revel in the art of creation and construction, waking up one morning as a game architect or structural engineer, depending on its current design passion.

It’s like waking up and deciding, ‘Today, I’ll be the Michelangelo of Minecraft’ or ‘Let’s engineer the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks.’ The versatility of these superpowers keeps life amusing for the troll and everyone lucky enough to witness their ever-changing expertise.

Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat; it dissected it! For me Curiosity started my blogging adventure.

Curiosity Chronicles:

I’m incredibly curious. You might think, ‘Curiosity, not a superpower,’ but that’s where you’re wrong. My curiosity is like a relentless detective – can’t let things slide. Take my tablet, for example; it misbehaves, and I can’t resist the urge to dissect it, Sherlock Holmes style, in an attempt to fix it. The same goes for other tech – out of sheer curiosity about how things tick, I’ve disassembled a tiller whose gearbox decided it had enough. Fixing the gearbox becomes a positive side quest. My lifelong curious escapades might be fueled by two forces – my love for technology and, well, good ol’ curiosity.

Now, here’s the twist – my curiosity led me to sit down and start this blog. I’m curious about my writing prowess – can I craft something others might appreciate? I’m even curious about my typing speed. But most importantly, I’m now super curious about myself. Penning down my fleeting thoughts? Perhaps that’s my way of having a sit-down conversation with the mysteries of me.”


In the midst of my high-functioning autism, a troll emerges with a skillset that defies expectations. From relentless determination to quirky observations and versatile special interests, it’s a journey filled with humor, challenges, and the constant quest for understanding. So, fellow readers, embrace the uniqueness, and remember: details matter in the whimsical world of autism trolls. What are your unique skillset? Comment below.


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